Five things ‘The Apprentice’ should have taught you…

Five things ‘The Apprentice’ should have taught you…

Posted by: Marc Misson, 6th October 2017

In case you missed it, Lord Sugar and his team returned to our screens this week with series thirteen of ‘The Apprentice’, complete with the infamous toe-curling one liners, awkward arguments and cringe-worthy boardroom antics.

But aside from the knowledge that our Thursday mornings in the office are now officially written off (discussing which candidate had the worst catch phrase, how we would have done the task differently, and most importantly, whether any of them could rival Karthik’s monobrow), we realised there are some important lessons for candidates to take away from the hit BBC show.

So, before we meet this year’s winner, we’ve cast our memory back over the series to date and compiled a list of the top 5 things you should have learnt by now …

1.Support with substance

As much as employers love the fact you can ‘give 120%’ and be a ‘sales machine’ (perhaps not…), unless you have the substance and examples to support these claims, they soon lose faith in the rest of your claims.

2. There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’…

Demonstrating, even at job application stage, that you are a team player can leave a lasting impression; think less, ‘we all have a group high-five every morning’ and more ‘I enjoy building relationships and learning from others’.

3. …but there is ‘me’ in ‘Team’

Just as important as teamwork is leadership. Knowing when it’s the right time to step up and play to your strengths is a very attractive quality in a candidate – when it’s your time to shine, take to the stage… otherwise continue to learn from others’ strengths.

4. Know your audience

From the moment you spot a job vacancy you are interested in, get to know the company inside and out. Where some candidates do the bare minimum, savvy ones will research company milestones, industry trends and competitor noise.

5. Inject some energy

Employers want to see that you are enthusiastic about working for their company – if you have boredom and ‘you’re the 15th company I have written a covering letter for today’ written all over your application, they can tell…

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