6 Things to Consider Before Recruiting a Senior Candidate

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1. Filling a gap or building a bridge?

Sometimes it’s easy to create a senior job spec that consists of; tasks that are currently being left at the wayside, areas of focus you think are being neglected and problems that you just want a quick fix for.

Whilst these often need to be addressed by a new senior hire, it’s important to think beyond this – how is this individual going to help achieve your company’s mission, vision, objectives and strategy? One you’ve decided on this, all the specific focus areas for the role will follow.

What’s more, if the job specification is focused around your strategy, you’re more likely to attract strategic thinkers.

2. Is there anyone out there?

Once you have a job description that you believe reflects your strategy, it can be then difficult to attract people to the role.
Sometimes, the solution to this can be as easy as changing one word in the job title or slight increase in salary.

The trick to getting this right is knowing the market; what is already out there? What do the calibre of people you want expect? What is the size of the talent pool that fits your requirements? Your agency can help you with these questions.

3. Choosing an agency

Just 4 simple points to consider here:

• Customer testimonials – is the agency proven? What do their customers have to say?
• Sector specific – has the agency worked with your industry before?
• Price point – be aware that low prices can sometimes mean restricted access to wider candidates
• Lending an ear – do they listen to your requirements? You’re running the show – they need to hear exactly what you want from the senior hire.

4. Timing is everything

Don’t be disheartened when a candidate can’t interview at the drop of a hat – the calibre of senior individuals that you want to attract will indeed be busy, therefore be prepared to offer interviews early in the morning, as well as late evening.

5. Picking a panel

When deciding on your interviewers, bear in mind that a senior hire will expect to see their peers on the panel. Having only HR or recruitment representatives on the panel can deter some senior candidates.

6. Sell your employer brand

Some employers can be so focused on asking questions, presenting scenarios and sizing candidates up, that they often forget that an interview is a two-way exchange; it is as much about the candidate liking the company, as the company liking the candidate.

To land the perfect senior hire, it’s important to promote your employer brand – by this we mean what your company is perceived to be like as an employer. Do your staff think your company is a great place to work? Do you invest in your employees? Does your company commit to CSR? Do you reward hard workers? If so – promote this to your candidates!